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Integrated Human Resources Solutions


iHRS – Integrated Human Resources Solutions is a HUB and MBE certified company located in DFW.   We provide HR consulting and professional and administrative placement services.


Our Values

  • Communication - Open, Direct and Honest

  • Collaboration - Partnering with clients and candidates

  • Team Work - We offer solutions, even if that means bringing in additional resources

  • Ethics & Integrity - This is the foundation of who we are.

  • Enthusiasm - We enjoy what we do.....you should enjoy working with us.



Recruiting.  Human Resources, Finance and Accounting, Sales, Legal and most other professional level and administrative positions.

A Sourcing Solution.  We know your recruiting department is busy and we can help.  iHRS offers a sourcing solution that will provide your recruiting team with resumes of candidates based pre-determined qualifications.  We do the hard part, allowing your team to do what they do best - interview and hire the best talent.

HR Consulting. We know sometimes all you need is a 3rd party to evaluate and generate new ideas.  Weather your need is related to human resources or talent acquisition we can help.